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Doctrinal Reading Tools

Our doctrinal reading tools are designed to help readers study the basic principles of the gospel in a topical chapter reading context. We have found that there is great benefit from studying basic doctrine while doing Chapter Reading. As you read doctrinally you get the combined testimonies of many different prophets each teaching you personally in his own way how to follow Christ. Through doctrinal reading you begin to see the depth of each spiritual principle. We choose a chapter reading based approach to increase the amount of reading one does thereby encouraging true feasting on the word.

For examples of Doctrinal Reading and ideas on how to do it on your own: Click Here.

We are just getting started on our Doctrinal Reading Tools, we invite you to check out our sample page: * Faith

The LDS Church has developed a simple tool with many good scripture references and talks on many basic gospel principles. We recommend you check it out. You can find it at: LDS- Gospel Library- Gospel Topics.