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Topical Research Tools

We have reserved the title Topical Research as a catch all for all other types of topical chapter reading. We currently have two different sets of tools we are building under Topical Research: pages on people, empires, events and time periods associated with our WRI Timelines, and pages on studying your scriptures in your major or professional field associated with our Scripture Based Scientific Research goals. We hope some of our resources can help you in your pursuit of effective, Chapter-Oriented, Daily Scripture Study.

For examples of Topical Research and ideas on how to do it on your own: Click Here.

Check out some of our Topical Research Pages: * To read about your favorite scripture heroes try our Scripture Biographies. * To learn more about some of the major empires mentioned in the scriptures check out our Scripture Empires. * We have a handful of pages on Scripture Events you can choose from. * If you want to learn more about a specific period of time in the scriputres try our Scriptural Time Periods pages. * To access the pages on the people, empires, events and time periods of the scriptures graphically we are creating our new WRI Timelines. We invite you to check out our Timeline Demo to get a feel for the project. We are getting close to having them ready, if you want to help us finish consider making a small donation.

We would also like to share a sample of our Scripture Based Scientific Research pages that we are creating: What do the Scriptures say about my major? Reading the Scriptures Professionally

Please check back often as we are regularly adding to our database.