Chapter Reading

In establishing a habit of Daily Scripture Study we have found that chapter reading is one of the most effective ways to consistently feel the Spirit and grow in the Lord. By chapter reading we mean reading a group of consecutive verses long enough to get a real feel for the words. Although quiet meditation on a single verse can be very spiritual, we have found that turning through dozens of pages to read single verses often ends up either being an intellectual exercise void of the Spirit, or at times a frustrating experience as one forgets what they were trying to study.

As Christians, the goal is a relationship with Christ. Daily Scripture Study is not an intellectual exercise; our scripture study must remain alive, full of light, and full of love for God and others. We should be having regular insights and feelings that are leading to better or more Christ-like living. If we are not becoming more like Christ, if we are not becoming sons and daughters of the most high, then our scripture study is failing us.

The Scripture Research Tools we are creating are specifically designed to help you find groups of chapters on topics in which you are interested. If you are wanting to understand the storyline a little better we recommend Chronological Reading. If you are seeking to feel and better comprehend the basic doctrines of Christ we recommend Doctrinal Reading. For those who have a special topic they are wanting to start reading we would point you to our Topical Research tools. In each area our focus is groups of chapters, right in the scriptures, without commentary, to augment your habit of consistent Daily Scripture Study.

If you are not sure where you want to start just browse around, or we have created a little page discussing the advantages and limitations of each type of reading. Also, I offer a little of my own experience if it helps.